A Great Flash Mob Engagement[VIDEO]
There is something about a great wedding proposal.  But when you put a Bruno Mars song behind it and get strangers and family members to play along, there is NOTHING better!  I just love these.  And one more thing...When is this going to happen to me?
When Do You Say I Love You [Poll]
I recently watched a movie with some friends where the characters discuss the "Three Day Rule". Where a guy is not supposed to call a girl for 3 days after meeting so not to seem too interested. It sparked a conversation with some friends about other relationship "rules&am…
5 Ways to Use March Madness in Your Love Life [LIST]
March Madness is officially under way, and believe it or not, some of the strategies in college basketball can ALSO be applied to dating.  Well . . . not really.  But wants to use the tournament to pimp some dating advice.  Here are their five ideas.
Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow….
And with that comes the romantic movies!  To me a perfect Valentine's day would be watching one of my favorite romantic "Love" movies.
My faves that I never get tired of watching....
"Untamed Heart"
"Valentine's Day"
"The Note…

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