A Great Flash Mob Engagement[VIDEO]
There is something about a great wedding proposal.  But when you put a Bruno Mars song behind it and get strangers and family members to play along, there is NOTHING better!  I just love these.  And one more thing...When is this going to happen to me?
When Do You Say I Love You [Poll]
I recently watched a movie with some friends where the characters discuss the "Three Day Rule". Where a guy is not supposed to call a girl for 3 days after meeting so not to seem too interested. It sparked a conversation with some friends about other relationship "rules&am…
Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow….
And with that comes the romantic movies!  To me a perfect Valentine's day would be watching one of my favorite romantic "Love" movies.
My faves that I never get tired of watching....
"Untamed Heart"
"Valentine's Day"
"The Note…

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