Best Romantic Spot at The Jersey Shore?
So recently I saw a commercial where an older couple is caught at a "romantic" spot by police ... in the middle of a kiss. Funny situation because the officer was about to have the kids head home, when he discovers it's adults and because they are not doing anything wrong and …
Why You Should Consider Adopting An Adult Rescue Pet
When you have decided that it's time to bring a pet into your family, there are many options to get one. You can buy a puppy or kitten (sometimes spending hundreds of dollars), you can adopt a puppy or kitten, or you can adopt an adult animal. I am an enthusiastic advocate of the latter.
Grilled Cheese and Romance
In a recent study, for all of you that eat grilled cheese, it means you're lucky with the romance?!  Now, you might be saying, "Sue, what do you mean?"  I'm going to tell you!  Maybe you better start making a grilled cheese sandwich, at least once a week!
Watch This Inspiring Message Of Love [Video]
What do dancing skeletons have to do with love? When you take away skin color, gender, age, and other attributes, it shows that love is just love. Watch this inspiring video that presents an important message - "Love Has No Labels":

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