New Jersey Private Sector Jobs Soar [AUDIO]
The good news is 30,900 private sector jobs were created last month in the Garden State. The bad news is the unemployment rate only ticked down a tenth of one percent - from 9.7 to 9.6 percent. So what's going on?
Jobs For NJ Act Approved By Senate Panel [AUDIO]
Legislation designed to encourage small businesses to hire those who have been out of work for 30 or more days by providing them with a credit on their payroll taxes has been approved by the State Senate Labor Committee. Senate President Steve Sweeney is one of the bill's sponsors.
NJ Lawmakers Fed Up With Outsourcing [AUDIO]
A resolution sponsored by Assembly members Annette Quijano, Wayne DeAngelo and Reed Gusciora urging Congress to establish tax incentives for businesses returning and maintaining jobs in the U.S has received final legislative approval.

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