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Top 5 Jeff Musial moments on the Tonight Show
Jeff Musial 'The Animal Guy' has made some classic appearances on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jeff has brought some amazing animals to late night tv viewers including reptiles, bear cubs and even elephants!
Senate President: Bridgegate Hurting NJ’s Image
It actually seemed like the Garden State's reputation was improving. With the popular, tough-talking Gov. Chris Christie at the helm, New Jersey's days as the laughingstock of the nation appeared to be fading, but that was before Bridgegate.
Jimmy Fallon Reveals His Baby Was Born Via Surrogate [VIDEO]
Lots of people were surprised when Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy became new parents recently, and it turns out that was partly by design. In fact, few people knew they were expecting -- because the couple used a surrogate and told almost no one.
Well, this would certainly explain why Nancy never lo…

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