Jersey Shore

Do YOU Miss Your Local Video Store? [PUBLIC OPINION]
I was recently thinking about getting a movie for the weekend and I thought wow I miss the old neighborhood "video store". It was a place you could go and look for almost any movie that was out. The local video stores also had video games and snacks! It ...
Join Shawn & Sue’s Birthday Club
Join Shawn & Sue's Birthday Club - brought to you by Van Holten's Chocolates & Fudge, creating memories one piece of candy at a time!
Tune in for Shawn & Sue's Birthday Club every weekday morning at 6:45AM and listen for your name as we un down all of our listen…
LBI Kite Festival 2017 This Weekend on Long Beach Island
LBI Fly was organized to bring the brilliant colorful artist design kites, fun flying giant inflatable kites and the amazing show of sport kiting to our beautiful island.
It will be a busy weekend on Long Beach Island as the LBI Kite Festival 2017 takes place. The even...

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