Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau

Shore Tourism is Couched in Cautious Optimism
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Efforts to make the Jersey shore more of a year-round destination appear to be working.
"You know, there are things to do every single weekend," said Robert Hilton, Executive Director of the Jersey Shore Convention & Visitor's Bureau (JSCVB)…
Be the Next Jersey Shore Karaoke Idol
The Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau is hoping to make Karaoke a part of the Jersey Shore Experience. They're hosting an international summer long karaoke competition, "Jersey Shore Karaoke Idol" and are hoping to set the Guinness Book of World Records for the large…
JSCVB Hosting Shore’s Biggest Biz Flashmob [VIDEO]
If you're walking the Belmar boardwalk on May 24th and you see hundreds of brightly colored business men and women dancing in unison, don't be alarmed-- it's just the shore's biggest flash mob organized by the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau.