NJ Aims to Ban Internet Blackmail Scheme [AUDIO]
Innocent people are sometimes arrested, but if their mugshots or rap sheets are posted on websites before charges are dropped or they are acquitted, it can ruin their reputations. Some shady website operators know this, and are actually charging arrested people not to post the embarrassing informati…
A Mega Millions Winner Comes Forward – Or Does He?
Suffice to say, there's a pretty good chance that nobody reading this article became a multi-millionaire since yesterday. We now know that there were two winners of the Mega Millions. One of them supposedly came forward today. But if you dig a little more into the story, it gets a little shady.
Do You Snoop on Your Kids? [Poll]
Most parents try to keep an eye on what their kids do - who their friends are, where they're hanging out, etc. But online, where it's easier to be sneaky, do you keep tabs on your kids?

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