Identity Theft

This Tale Could Have Had a Very Different Ending
Here's to Good Samaritans. To people who do the right thing. To people who go out of their way to help. I'm truly grateful that the person who found my credit card didn't go on a shopping spree!
Has there been a time when someone returned your credit card or wallet, with everything…
Your identity could be stolen…by a family member
Most of us have heard about the long list of breaches at big companies like Target, and even the Internal Revenue Service in recent months, but you might not be aware there's a growing problem of identity theft being committed by people you know and trust.
Bill would protect victims of ID theft, data breaches
As computer breaches at major banks and retailers increase with alarming frequency, one New Jersey legislator is seeking to create a law stating that if you're a victim of identity theft and you can legally verify your information, collection agencies would be forced to stop hounding you to pay…

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