The Relief Is At The Beach Today!
It's been a brutally hot and humid week here at the Jersey Shore, and a lot of people are looking for some relief from the stifling heat and muggy air. Well, I have good news for you - the beach is the place to be today!
Proof That Our Heat Could Be Much Worse
Yes, it's been hot here in Ocean County for a while now, with temperatures well into the 80s and heat indexes well into the 90s, but it could always be worse. Much worse. Take this for example:
How Do You Beat The Summer Heat?
We are definitely in the middle of the dog days of Summer here in Ocean County. This week we've had the stifling humidity and high temperatures, so people have had to get creative to beat the heat.
Summer’s Wild Weather Rollercoaster
It was only three days ago that I was bemoaning the heat and humidity that Mother Nature has been subjecting us to so far this summer. And then, wouldn't you know, the temperatures took a nose dive.