Vote – How Often Do You Go To The Movies? [Poll]
I really enjoy the experience of seeing a big blockbuster movie in the theater. Especially with digital picture and sound, there are some movie that you have to see in the theater to get the full experience. But would you go to the movies every day?
Have The Paparazzi Gone Too Far With Harry Styles?
A lot of people like to keep up with what their favorite stars are up to. And there is something humanizing when we see that big celebrities are normal people just like us. But at what point does it go too far? Did LA paparazzi go too far with One Direction's Harry Styles this past weekend?
Movie Review – Godzilla
I had high hopes for one of the first big blockbusters of the season, "Godzilla". I figured that, after the iconic monster's 1998 outing, that inadvertently turned into a bit of a comedy, that the writers, producers and director would make a point to keep this one suspenseful …

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