Can You Really Hack A Boardwalk Claw Game? [Video]
One of the most fun family activities on the Ocean County boardwalks are the arcades. A family could spend hours trying to win tickets to exchange for some little trinkets, or you could spend dollar after dollar trying to score a stuffed animal from a claw machine.
Well, one YouTuber claims that he&a…
Did This Ocean County Prank Go Too Far?
If you've spent any time online today, you know it's April Fools Day. Tech companies love to pull pranks on the 1st of April. But some commuters in one Ocean County community were the subjects of a real world prank today
Watch – Do You Think This Paranormal Video Is Real?
So this video allegedly shows a husband goofing around with his wife - good-naturedly teasing her while she's taking a shower. She gets out of the shower and tells him to stop filming while he laughs. On the surface, it's just a cute couple goofing around with each other. But what happens …

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