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VOTE for the BEST Marching Band in Ocean County
Oh man, to me there is nothing better than a Friday night at a local football game listening to the marching band in their seats playing their hearts out. I love sitting right next to them in the bleachers!  That is the BEST school spirit!
Should Everyone Get a Varsity Letter? [PUBLIC OPINION]
In a recent Patch article the list of recent bills signed by Governor Christie was released. One of the bills highlighted is Senate Bill 2398/Assembly Bill 3879 .... the bill would require school districts in New Jersey to adopt policy allowing students in grades 9 through 12 who participate in cert…
I Was Amazingly, Surprised by Color Guard in Ocean County
I didn't know a lot about Color Guard, apparently I didn't know anything about it.  Well, I knew Color Guard was a part of the band and they're amazing to watch on a football field, but I had no idea there were competitions and the amount of dancing and throwing of rifles, t…

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