Have You Gotten The New Smaller Needle Flu Shot?
On a routine visit to my doctor's office about two weeks ago, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a flu shot while I was there. It turns out that my doctor's office is one of a number of offices offering the "intradermal flu shot", which has the benefits of a smaller needle and less…
Do You Have Job Burnout ?
You might be burned out at your job if you:

Repeatedly complain.

Frequently participate in gossip and don't enjoy being with your co-workers.

Dread going to work and/or are chronically late.

Take A Hike
Take A Hike Day is either about going for an exhilarating walk, or telling somebody to get lost – we’ll leave the interpretation up to you!
So lets assume we are taking the "path" to a nice walk lol
Do you enjoy hiking this time of year in "…
Keeping Women Healthy
Community Medical Center’s Community Health Services, part of Barnabas Health, through a grant provided by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, coordinates the New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection program in Ocean County. Cur...

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