Guess What I Paid For This

How Honest Are You? [Poll]
Holidays aren't cheap. Especially with all the gadgets high up on wish lists these days. But what would you do if you got over $2000 worth of gadgets by accident, would you fess up?
What’s Your Favorite App?
Remember the "old days" when cell phones made calls and that was about it? I remember being really excited when I could get a message with baseball scores once a day. But these days there are literally thousands of "Apps" that you can use to add functionality to y…
Would You Complain Over a Penny? [Poll]
They say "a penny saved is a penny earned", and if you're someone who keeps a change jar around the house you know that those pennies can add up. So what would you do if someone was taking pennies here and there without telling you?

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