Guess What I Paid For This

Is It Tacky To Use A Coupon On A Date? [Poll]
As Valentine's Day approaches, you may be getting ready to take your sweetheart out to dinner, or maybe you'll use the occasion to woo your crush. But when you go out to dinner on a date, do you think it's tacky when your date uses a coupon?
A Valentine Bait And Switch
Last weekend I was out shopping and came across this cute Valentine's Day gift set. It included a little plush balloon, a teddy bear, and a box of chocolates. Well, what seemed like a box of chocolates at least.
Watch Justin Open A Bag of Crap [Video]
Well, I managed to score a fabled and mysterious "Bag of Crap" from web retailer I blogged about my last crappy experience, so I figured this time I'd invite you to join in on the unveiling. Check out what crappy surprises awaited:
An Unexpected NJ Transit Treat
This past weekend, I took some time off and enjoyed a long weekend mini-vacation to New York City. I took New Jersey Transit both ways. On the trip back, I got an unexpected treat from the conductor.

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