Guess What I Paid For This

The Strangest Things For Free On Jersey Shore Craigslist
I don't know about you, but I have an awful lot of stuff that I don't use or need anymore. In general, it just sits around in storage gathering dust. Sure, I could use eBay or Etsy and try to make a buck. But in general, I'm not all that interested in the monetary value or going through the hassle o…
The Brick Gas Wars
Locals know where the best gas prices are. The conventional wisdom is that the gas stations right off of major highways are going to be higher than others. But drivers in Brick have gotten a pleasant surprise lately as two centrally located fuel stops are battling it out.
Get This Free Star Wars VR Viewer Right Now
The movie that will most likely be the biggest of the year, maybe even the decade, is only a week away. In the marketing blitz leading up to the opening of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", we've seen everything from the usual action figures to a bit more odd goodies. But this i…
This Is The Strangest Thing You Can Buy On Amazon
The Internet is a wonderful thing. You can get almost anything you could ever need or think of. Not to mention a lot of things that you'd never think of. But I think I've come across the truly strangest thing that you can get on mega-retailer
This Is The Best Portable Speaker I Have Ever Used
This past weekend a sale caught my eye, wireless Bluetooth speakers were on sale at a warehouse club. I used to have one that I used a good bit over the summer when I was outdoors, but the charger got lost, so I went ahead and got a Jawbone Mini Jambox. When I got home, I was stunned.

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