For New Jersey Girls…Anything Is Possible
I don't like to talk about politics.   And I am not taking sides.  But I just want to acknowledge that history was made last night when Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party.
Whether you think she'd make a good president or not, the mere fact that a w…
Computer Science with Linda Liukas [AUDIO]
Code is the twenty-first century literacy, and the need for people to speak the ABC's of programming is imminent. Our world is increasingly run by software, and we need more diversity in the people who are building it ~ Linda Liukas
Linda Liukas is an innovative and influential voice in th…
First Moon Party–OMG Mom–This is Great
Being a Mom of a daughter...this is so fantastic and everyone's talking about this video.  Now, I realize it would embarrass a lot of girls including my daughter, but bottom line she lied to her Mom just to be cool!