A Tea Party for Three
Yesterday I did lunch with some girlfriends.  I do lunch a lot with my friends because of my schedule.  But this one was very unique, very different.
Ladies, This is For You! Grab Your BFF
Did you ever say to yourself, I need to get myself fitted for that perfect bra?  Here's your chance.
I called the Bra and Girdle Factory in Lakewood and asked if they'd help me host a Ladies Night Out and told them, I need a fitting, and they said, "Come on over Sue and bring …
It’s A Battle of the Sexes and Women Win
When it comes to talking...we talk a lot more then men.  Does this surprise you?  Doubt it! 
Scientists finally figured it out.  We as women love to talk, about 20,000 words a day which is almost triple the number guys say in a day which is at about 7,000.  R...