Gas prices

Gas Prices On The Rise at the Jersey Shore! [LIST]
Prices at the pumps are on the rise! Is it just in time for Summer? Coming into work this morning it seemed that gas averaged around $1.70 ... which is up 20 cents in the past two weeks.
So today we are asking where are the best prices for gas and what is your favorite gas station here at the J…
The Brick Gas Wars
Locals know where the best gas prices are. The conventional wisdom is that the gas stations right off of major highways are going to be higher than others. But drivers in Brick have gotten a pleasant surprise lately as two centrally located fuel stops are battling it out.
Gas prices could drop to $1.50 by Christmas
This might put a bit more "jingle" in your pocket for the holidays: analysts are predicting that gas prices in New Jersey may drop to as low as $1.50 by Christmas.
Tom Kloza, global head of Energy Analysis of the Oil Price Information Service in Lakewood says the savings will likely…

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