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What Are Your Favorite Ocean County Shortcuts?
One of the nice things about Ocean County, both North-South and East-West, is that it's pretty easy to get around on the major roadways. But sometimes, we all have reasons for choosing local roads and shortcuts to get to a place that we could just take a highway to.
The History of the Driscoll Expressway [POLL]
Did you know that a highway project in the 1970s called for a road to connect the Garden State Parkway to the New Jersey Turnpike was planned to start in Toms River? So decades later -- we're asking how would that have impacted your life?
Watch A Citizen Pull Over A Cop For Speeding [Videos]
Let's be honest here - it isn't an unusual sight to see police cars going well above the speed limit on major highways like The Garden State Parkway, without their emergency lights on. For most of us, we may have a few choice words that we mutter under our breath, but there's really not a whole lot …
How Are The Roads Where You Are?
To give the State credit, when I headed to work this morning, the Parkway was dry and all lanes were fully cleared. However, not the same can be said for local roads.
The Most Satisfying Thing You Can See On The Parkway
I'll be the first to admit that driving, and New Jersey road issues are probably the topics that I complain about the most. And I was getting ready to start grumbling again today because of something that we all see way too often, when it took a surprising turn.
Which Highways Are The Worst During The Holidays?
A whole lot of people will be traveling in and out of Ocean County, not only in the next few days leading up to and after Thanksgiving, but for the holiday season in general. When the holiday traffic builds, which roads do you avoid?

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