Finally An Answer To An Age Old Debate
There are many topics that raise the ire of a lot of people. From politics, to religion, and toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. It's a debate that's raged on since the invention of rolled toilet paper - over or under? Well now, it would seem that we have the definitive answer.
Finish The Week With A Funny Dog Video
You have to wonder where people come up with these ideas. Someone decided that it would be funny to tie a bunch of carrots to a ceiling fan and see what the dog does. And, to their credit, they were right, it is funny. And a little weird. But mostly funny. Watch for yourself:
Here’s The Answer To How Dumb People Can Be [Video]
Every day we see people doing dumb things - trying to cross busy highways, teasing mean dogs, trying to stick their arms into vending machines, the list can go on and on. But, I'm willing to bet that at no point did you include "sticking your tongue into a venus fly trap". Thi…
Check Out This Dog’s Unusual Friend [Video]
This is too cute. You have to love it when you get two completely different animals who are obviously having fun with each other. This pit bull and tortoise are obviously an unusual pair, but you can tell that they're having a blast. While the tortoise obviously can't keep up with the high…
Here’s A Unique Way To Clear Snow Off Your Car [Video]
Yesterday, I shared a really practical, simple way to get ice off of your windshield. Today, we have another interesting method to remove winter weather from your vehicle, but this one is decidedly more, let's say, "creative". Take a look at how this person brings a sheet of s…
Watch – How Many Dogs Are In There? [Video]
Take a look at the picture above - how many dogs do you think are in that doghouse? It looks like there are just two in there cuddling with each other, right? Well, think again, you may be surprised at how many pooches emerge, it's like a clown car! Take a look:
Watch This Adorable Dog Prove His Innocence [Video]
Sometimes, when the evidence is scattered all around and you have a guilty look, it's kind of hard to defend yourself. But, in the case of this adorable pup, he's exonerated by someone who looks even more guilty. You might be surprised at how his innocence is proven. Take a look:

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