Dan Rather Explains Internet Slang [Video]
Do you hear your kids calling each other "bae"? Have you heard them say that someone or something is "on fleek"? Have you wondered just what the heck they're talking about? Well, why not turn to one of the most trusted men in news, Dan Rather, as he explains …
Watch What Happens To This Driver Who Stops To Help At Night
Here's the situation - a woman is driving along a deserted road at night when she sees what appears to be an injured animal in the middle of the road. Being a Good Samaritan, she gets out of the car to check on the animal and see if she can do anything to help. Then, the situation changes. Watc…
Watch This Annoyed Camel Stop An Interview [Video]
News bloopers are great. When it comes to live TV, you really do have to be prepared for anything - drunk people, profane teenagers, unruly kids, and of course animals. Like this camel. I assume, in camel-speak of course, it's saying "this interview is over!" and chases the crew off. My fa…
Air & Space Museum Adds Iconic Aircraft To Collection [Video]
The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum is by far my favorite of the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC. As a kid and as an adult, I've always marveled at the amazing artifacts from the earliest days of flight all the way up to the space age and beyond. So their latest acquisitio…
Pac-Man Runs Through Toms River
Yes, that's Pac-Man right here in Toms River! He's getting ready to head up Main Street in search of pellets, while avoiding his ghostly enemies. So what's going on?
This Is The Strangest Thing You Can Buy On Amazon
The Internet is a wonderful thing. You can get almost anything you could ever need or think of. Not to mention a lot of things that you'd never think of. But I think I've come across the truly strangest thing that you can get on mega-retailer
Watch Matt Lauer Prank Ellen [Video]
The Today Show's Matt Lauer has been the target of pranks by daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres a number of times. Matt sat back, took the ribbings, and waited for the perfect moment to strike back. Well, that time has come, and he made his revenge a good one. Watch for yourself:

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