The Strange Dating World Of Jersey Shore Craigslist
About a week ago I showed you some of the strange things that people are giving away for free on the Jersey Shore section of Craigslist. From a used mattress to hundreds of light bulbs, it was an odd collection. But I think I've found something even more strange.
This Is New Jersey’s Official Word
We have a lot of, let's say, "unique" language here in The Garden State. From "Benny" to "pork roll" and "Shoobie". But there's one that stood out among the rest as uniquely Jersey.
In Case You Didn’t Know – Adele Is Hilarious [Video]
We've talked many times in these pages about the record smashing success that Adele has been enjoying since the release of her latest album, "25". But in addition to being an almost supernaturally talented singer, did you also know that she's pretty darn funny, too?
This May Be The Strangest Sport In The World [Video]
Sure, we have some strange sports here in America. We pioneered "competitive eating", after all (which has an organized league and governing body and everything). But the British may win this round when it comes to bizarre "sports". I present to you, "Wor…
Watch This Totally Confused Santa Cat [Video]
Some animals love to play dress up, some don't. An example of one who doesn't - this cat. All the owner wanted to do was get the feline into the Christmas spirit. All the cat wanted to do? Get the Santa hat off its head! Watch as the confused kitty tries to remove the yuletide flair:

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