Does Hype Ruin TV Finales?
The past two Sundays have seen the series finales of two hugely popular shows - "Dexter" on Showtime and "Breaking Bad" on AMC. I'm a fan of both. However, I wasn't a fan of both final episodes.
Watch the Best Prank Ever [Video]
I'm a fan of a good prank. If done in the spirit of good fun, where nobody gets hurt and nothing gets destroyed, there's nothing better than a great prank. This group of New Zealanders have definitely pulled off The Best Prank Ever. Take a look at the video:
When Do You Say I Love You [Poll]
I recently watched a movie with some friends where the characters discuss the "Three Day Rule". Where a guy is not supposed to call a girl for 3 days after meeting so not to seem too interested. It sparked a conversation with some friends about other relationship "rules&am…
Do You Give People Secret Nicknames?
We all have people in our lives who have certain attributes that they may not realize stand out. Especially if we have more than one friend of that particular name, we might give that person with the habit that stands out a nickname.
Wedding Anti Invitations – A New Trend?
We've talked about weddings before - they can be a joyous occasion and they can be a complete hassle. But either way, it's always nice to be thought of and included in a couple's special day. But how would you feel about getting an "anti-invitation" for a wedding, te…

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