Testing The Kitty Litter Sock Experiment
A couple of weeks ago I told you about this great tip that I came across online - filling a sock with cat litter and placing it in your car will put an end to annoying foggy windows. As promised, I gave it a try.
Enterprise Arrives at The Intrepid [Pictures]
A couple weeks ago, many of us watched in awe as the space shuttle Enterprise arrived in New York City. Yesterday there were more amazing sights as the vehicle made its way down the Hudson River to it's new home at The Intrepid Museum. Read more for some great pictures and info on how you can s…
TR Haunting – The Last I’ll Say About It [Followup]
Let's be honest, this story has gotten ridiculous. I was just talking to Marianne Levy yesterday and we both agreed that the last thing this story needs is any more publicity. So why am I giving it any? Well, I'll be frank, I want one last word about the whole thing.
Astounding Images as Enterprise Passes over NJ and Arrives in NYC
As we told you about yesterday, the space shuttle prototype Enterprise made the trip from Washington, DC to New York City this morning. While it may not have been the spectacle over Ocean County that it was in New York City, lucky crowds got once in a lifetime glimpses of an American Icon. Check out…

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