Flu Shot

The Flu Has Overtaken New Jersey
It's one of the worst feelings in the world - that feeling that slowly overtakes your body until you break out in cold sweats and a wave of nausea rises. No, I'm not talking about watching the new presidency (I kid!), I'm talking about the flu.
Will 3 NJ women be fired today for refusing flu shots?
Three employees who work at Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey, Denise Mercurius, Amanda Watson and Megan Duncan, are expecting to get fired Friday, because they have refused to get a flu shot, and they won’t wear surgical masks in their Burlington, New Jersey office.
Have You Gotten The New Smaller Needle Flu Shot?
On a routine visit to my doctor's office about two weeks ago, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a flu shot while I was there. It turns out that my doctor's office is one of a number of offices offering the "intradermal flu shot", which has the benefits of a smaller needle and less…
What Are the Germiest Jobs? You Might be Surprised
As this epic flu season continues to spread, many of us are stockpiling hand sanitizer, wiping down every surface, and running for cover at the sound of a co-worker's first cough. While there are some strategies for trying to avoid catching a bug, there are some jobs where it&apo…