What are New Jerseyans most afraid of?
What pushes your panic button? A new survey finds 58 percent of Americans are worried about government corruption, 44.8 percent are afraid of cyberterrorism, and 44.6 percent say they are afraid of corporate tracking of personal information.
Do You Like Heights?
Do you have a fear of heights ? I must admit heights are not my favorite .... so that is why our trip to the Barnegat Lighthouse was a little intimidating .... after we decided to climb to the top. 172 feet up ! It's not so much the climb , but when your at the top and walk out to the observati…
What are you Afraid of?
I'll be totally honest, I had a hard time just writing this article because I had to stare at that picture of the spider almost the whole time I was writing. I'll openly admit, I have an irrational fear of spiders. There, I said it.