Facebook Makes Changes To News Feed [VIDEO]
Facebook is infusing the focal point of its website with a more dynamic look and additional controls designed to empower its 1 billion users to sort streams of photos and other material into more organized sections that appeal to their personal interests.
Facebook Getting Ready To Change News Feed
Amid chatter of "Facebook fatigue," real or imagined, the world's biggest social networking company is getting ready to unveil a new version of News Feed, the flow of status updates, photos and advertisements its users see on the site.
Modern Family Etiquette Tips [LIST]
Here's Four Tips For Your Family
1. Is Emailing a Thank You Letter Good Enough ? If you're saying thanks for lunch, probably.....but for something like a birthday gift, a HANDWRITTEN note is still the best option.
2. Can You skip a "Handshake" If you think the Person's…
3 Rules For Facebooking Your Food
So many people these days are sharing their "meals" with friends and family ... not to eat but to see. Millions are sharing "photos" of their fantastic meals and I am just as guilty! So here are " 3 " rules to help you when "Facebooking Your Food"

Don't Use a…
Don’t Be Pulled in by Facebook Privacy Posts
You may have noticed over the last few days that people have been posting a "privacy notice" on their Facebook pages. Basically saying that whatever they post is not to be used by Facebook. There's only one problem - legally, it does nothing.

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