3 Rules For Facebooking Your Food
So many people these days are sharing their "meals" with friends and family ... not to eat but to see. Millions are sharing "photos" of their fantastic meals and I am just as guilty! So here are " 3 " rules to help you when "Facebooking Your Food"

Don't Use a…
Don’t Be Pulled in by Facebook Privacy Posts
You may have noticed over the last few days that people have been posting a "privacy notice" on their Facebook pages. Basically saying that whatever they post is not to be used by Facebook. There's only one problem - legally, it does nothing.
You Can Help Berkeley Eagles Football!
"Eye black" has been used for years by athletes to reduce glare from the sun and bright stadium lights. Over the years, it's gone from black grease paint to black stickers, and now even more elaborate stickers with team logos and other designs.

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