Facebook Tests Tool to Make It Easier to Remove Your Ex [POLL]
Facebook is testing a tool that you could consider to be a "breakup protection tool." This means that some users will be able to mark their former lovers as an ex. By doing that you won't need to unfriend them, and you won't be subjected to their posts in your newsfeed.
Facebook Flaps for Local Leaders
Social media is at the center of controversies for three local government leaders this week.
Stafford Township Council members are meeting behind closed doors on Tuesday to discuss a police investigation that allegedly targeted a man for being an outspoken critic of Mayor John Spodofora...
Outage Reporting Tools
Jersey Central Power and Light has taken to social media to help keep the lines of
communication open with its customers. Trisha Ingram, who works with website and social media development in the utility's Communications Department, said the tools were developed after a customer listening campaign an…

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