No, There Aren’t Facebook Hackers Following You
In the last few days, you may have seen Facebook friends urgently warning everyone and anyone that will listen that there is a sneaky new way to find out who is keeping an eye on your profile. Of course, no doubt with nefarious purposes.
Yay! To Sharing Vacay Pics
How do you feel when you see peoples' vacation photos on social media?  According to a study by a U.K insurance company Aviva, an overwhelming majority are annoyed when they see holiday pictures.
I admit that sometimes I get a little envious, particularly if I'm having a stressful week…
A Rant Against All The Ranting
What has happened to our society?  I don’t know if I’m mad at the internet, or people in general, or the politicians or the media.  I’m upset that we seem so divided on just about everything these days.  We’re not just ch…
A Simple Sincere Compliment Can Make Someone’s Day
There are so many opportunities to copy and paste things on Facebook, and I usually don't get involved.  But something convinced me yesterday to participate in the "Monday Compliment Challenge."  I saw this on my friend's wall, posted my name, then proceded to r…

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