Do You Have One Of These In Your Car?
What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John Steinbeck
Ok I am throwing in a bit sarcasm, but I bet there are people who don't have an ice scraper in their car. Tonight we may see the first chance to use it with a touch o…
Now This Is Someone Who Takes Parking Very Seriously! [Video]
Over the past few weeks, a lot of us played what I call "the parking lot game". You know how it goes - you drive in circles, up and down rows at the shopping center in hopes of scoring a good spot. Maybe you see someone two rows over pulling out, just to get beat there by another driver. D…
This Lifehack Could End Your Foggy Car Windows [Video]
This time of year, foggy car windows can not only be nuisance, but also dangerous. Especially with the warmer than usual weather than we've had in the past few weeks, you've probably gone out to your car at night and had to wait a few minutes for your defoggers to do their jobs. Well, acco…
The Most Satisfying Thing You Can See On The Parkway
I'll be the first to admit that driving, and New Jersey road issues are probably the topics that I complain about the most. And I was getting ready to start grumbling again today because of something that we all see way too often, when it took a surprising turn.
New Jersey’s Merging Problem
There's a good reason that the topic of construction and driving through it comes up a lot in these pages - it's something that we live with every day in Ocean and surrounding counties. While none of us like having to drive through it, there is one thing in particular that makes it all tha…
Can The Parkway Handle Traffic?
Today of course is Labor Day and the traffic northbound is a slow go ..... but is the Parkway as good as it used to be? Do you find yourself in more bottlenecks then ever on a road that's supposed to constantly flow? Is Route 9 a better option ?

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