Summer Is Here And Drivers Are Worse
I've made no secret of the fact that a lot of my pet peeves revolve around inconsiderate drivers. But now that we're officially past the unofficial start to summer at the shore, there is an obvious change in driving habits through Ocean County.
Jersey Shore: What Was Your First Car?
This weekend I was washing my Daughters car, her first car...brought back memories of my first. My first car was a Dodge Dart lol .... Sue's was a Chevy Celebrity!
I think we all remember our first car and those summer nights taking a spin around the Jersey Shore (or wherever you grew up) …
Did My Rant Scare Off Ocean County’s Non-Signallers?
Based on the supportive comments people posted in response to my blog about directional signals, I'm going to say a little more about the topic.
First, I'll start with an apology.  I didn't mean to single out New Jersey drivers.  I was just referencing my weekend trip on the …
Jersey Turnpike Looks Like Video Game
I hate what's happening on our roadways.  People are driving like they think they're in a video game.  During my recent trip to Weehawken I saw several cars dart in and out of traffic.  They seemed determined to get ahead by moving into any open space they saw, no matte…

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