Summer Driving Tips for Tourists?
Let's be honest - driving in Ocean County can be a bit of a challenge. But if you're well prepared, it should go pretty smoothly. So what advice would you give to our fine summer guests?
Watch – Sleeper on a Busy Road Gets a Surprise [Video]
We've all been there - you're at a light that turns green and the driver in front of you doesn't go. You give them a polite toot on the horn and they still linger. If you've thought that they must have fallen asleep, well, after seeing this video, it's quite possible. Thank goodness for helmet cams.…
4th of July Traffic is in Full Force in Ocean County
It looks like the weather yesterday may have made 4th of July weekend visitors adjust their plans a little bit. The traffic that we'd usually expect the night before, this time around on Thursday, was rolling down the Parkway in full force this afternoon.
An Important Video Message – Watch With Your Family
Most of us see this every day - you're behind a car on the Parkway, 70, 37, or another busy local highway, and the vehicle starts to drift a little over the line. The driver obviously suddenly notices as the car swerves back into the lane. You go to pass the car and you see the driver glancing down …
What’s The Worst Intersection in Ocean County?
We all have those intersections - those that we dread coming to because it's almost always a hassle. Whether it's the traffic pattern, the timing of the light, or the condition of the road, there are plenty of candidates for Worst Intersection in Ocean County.
Would You Stop if You Saw an Accident?
Looking at the question in the headline, I don't think that the answer is necessarily cut and dry. If you happened to witness an accident (but weren't involved), there are valid reasons for both stopping and not stopping.
Show Us Your Car Decorations
When thinking of what I'm going to write about each day, there are a couple of ways that ideas come up - I have a notepad that I keep brainstorming ideas on, things happen locally that need coverage, and sometimes inspiration just strikes. That car above inspired me today.

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