My Dog Debate
I love dogs. As most people know from both listening on-air and reading my blogs, my dog Sydney was my best friend in the whole world. I had to say goodbye to her last summer. Now, 9 months later, I have a decision to make.
The Jersey Shore Celebrates Doggies! [VIDEO]
Today is National "Puppy" Day and regardless of what age our dogs are ... they will always be our puppies! Maybe take a moment to get your "puppy" a treat today and celebrate at home!
We asked listeners to send in their "puppy pics" and we thank e…
Shawn & Sue’s Pet of the Week
Check out our featured "Pet of The Week" Listen Every Thursday Morning at 6:40 am for Barbara Lathrop from the Popcorn Park Zoo with "Pet of the Week" and check Associated Humane Society/Popcorn Park Zoo ....
Here's what officials in Forked River had to say ab…

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