This is the Cutest Video You’ll See Today
I challenge you to try to find me a cuter and more heart warming video than this one. Watch this dog playfully racing around while a baby laughs in delight. You can't watch this video without getting a smile on your face. Check it out:
Where Do You Get Your Dog Groomed?
My dog is old. In fact, for a dog, she's pretty up there. At 14 years old, I'm incredibly thankful that she is healthy and happy. But she has definitely slowed down and gotten a little more antsy in her old age. Unfortunately, that has presented some challenges with her care.
Watch – Justin’s Dorky Dog [Video]
I just felt like I had to share this video. My dog is a dork. And I mean that in the best way possible. She's definitely not a puppy anymore - 14 years old. Like most senior dogs, she spends a lot of her time sleeping. But every now and then she gets these ridiculous bursts of energy. One of her nig…

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