Watch – Is This Dog Stubborn or Clueless? [Video]
So there's a bit of a debate about this video. Us dog owners know that there are plenty of stubborn pooches out there. But there are also some, let's say, "not so bright" dogs too. After watching pups run straight into closed glass doors, maybe this dog is just playing it safe. So check ou…
Dog Fest 2014 This Weekend
This is something I look forward to every year..surrounded by all my furry 4-legged friends and kisses galore!  And no, I'm not talking about my co-workers!  It's Dog Fest 2014 in Brick this Sunday.
This is the Cutest Video You’ll See Today
I challenge you to try to find me a cuter and more heart warming video than this one. Watch this dog playfully racing around while a baby laughs in delight. You can't watch this video without getting a smile on your face. Check it out:
Where Do You Get Your Dog Groomed?
My dog is old. In fact, for a dog, she's pretty up there. At 14 years old, I'm incredibly thankful that she is healthy and happy. But she has definitely slowed down and gotten a little more antsy in her old age. Unfortunately, that has presented some challenges with her care.

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