Watch – This Is How Awesome Dogs Are [Video]
Dogs are awesome. This is just one example. This pup was just casually watching his person swimming in a pond, but when he thought that his owner was in trouble, he leaps into action. Diving into the pond, he gently ushers his human to safety. Watch for yourself:
Do You Give Your Pets Presents? [Video]
This has to be one of the cutest videos ever. Our very own "Animal Advice" contributor, Dr. Adam Christman from Brick Town Veterinary Hospital shows off his best Santa impersonation to his gaggle of pups, who furiously open up the goodies. Check out the adorable video below, then l…
Merry Christmas From Roomba Dog [Video]
It's the day after Christmas, and many of us are playing with our new gifts. From setting up electronics to using new gadgets, the next day is usually the polar opposite from family-focused Christmas Day - everyone is in their own corners, playing with their new toys. That includes this hilario…
Watch – This Dog Loves Frozen [Video]
It's not just kids and families who love Disney's "Frozen", this adorable pup is apparently a big fan too. The precious pooch is sleeping soundly in the back of the car when the movie's iconic "Let it Go" comes on the radio. Suddenly, the dog perks up and even "sings" a…

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