daylight savings

We Change The Clocks This Weekend!
It's that time again, time to re-set our clocks this weekend! Daylight Savings ends this weekend and we'll be seeing an earlier sunset til Spring.
Don't forget to "Fall Back" Saturday Night before you go to bed ... set your clocks back one hour. The...
Is Ocean County Sleep-Deprived?
There’s always a debate around this time of year.  We shifted the clocks an hour ahead and as a result lost an hour’s sleep.  Yes, it gets us ready for Spring and Summer, but many of us were dragging last week, feeling deprived of that hour we lost...
What Hour Would You Like To Lose When We Spring Ahead?
This Saturday Night before we go to bed we "Spring Ahead" as we set the clocks ahead one hour! Since we lose an hour ....we thought we'd ask what hour you'd like to lose?
Don't forget this weekend when we change the clocks to also check your smoke detector…
Napping Is Healthy…Especially After Time Change
If you are feeling a bit sleepy and dragging through your workday, it's not your imagination. Many of us are tired from having lost that hour of sleep over the weekend.  That's why today is known as National Napping Day - the first day after we've all moved our clocks ahead …
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Saturday Night Before You Go To Bed We Set The Clocks Ahead! Gaining extra daylight. It Always Makes Me Feel Like Spring Is Right Around The Corner....
The Light at the end of the tunnel
Daylight Savings Goes Into Effect This Weekend, Does The Extra Daylight Motivate You ?
Daylight Savings Good Time To Check Smoke Alarms
Come Sunday when you set your clock’s an hour forward for daylight savings time, the Toms River Fire Department wants you to take the time walking around the house and make sure your smoke detectors and CO alarms are working as well.