courtesy busing

Tentative Courtesy Busing Deal in Lakewood
Less than two weeks after Lakewood parents were told free busing was ending for 11,000 private and public school children, the district and state reached a tentative deal Monday night to restore the program, according to The Lakewood Scoop.
Examining Budget Shortfalls
A Lakewood Board of Education member continues to voice support for preserving courtesy busing in the Township but also for taking a closer look at budget shortfalls.
How About Some Traffic Problems In Lakewood?
Lakewood's Private Orthodox Jewish Schools are planning to proceed with a "no-busing" drill today and Thursday. According to the Lakewood Scoop, Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg, said that while progress is being made in talks with the Lakewood School Board and the New Jersey Department of Educat…