New Starbucks Drink with a Pokemon Twist!
Well better late then never. Starbucks has come out with a new Pokemon Go Frappuccino. The Frapp is vanilla blended with raspberry syrup and blackberries. Better catch this Pokemon fast, because it's only for a limited time.
According to Mashable, the reason they released a "Pokemon" frapp…
Give the Gift of Coffee?
I must get up. My coffee needs me. ~Author Unknown
The popularity of the Keurig Machine is at an all time high .... People have them at home and now even at work...we have them here at Townsquare Towers. The "one cup" coffee is convenient, fast and delicious!  T...
Free Coffee Thursday at the Jersey Shore [LIST]
It's National Coffee Day! A day I believe created for me lol my love for a good cup of coffee runs deep. My parents always loved a good cup of coffee and my Dad could spot an old pot from a mile away. My Uncle Jimmy owned his own coffee company and he hand ground and packaged the beans right in…

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