chicken dance

Do You Do Electric Slide and Other Group Dances?
I'm a fan of group dances. But I know some people think they're goofy. Or they feel embarrassed doing them.
What do you do when a group dance song gets played at an event? Do you join in? Or take a seat?
And which of the group dances is your favorite? Electric Slide? Cha Cha Slide? …
Fond Memories Of The Ocean County Fair
Friends and I were just talking about hidden talents.  When it was my turn to show off, I told them I'm an award winning chicken dancer.  Don't laugh!  I have 2 blue ribbons and 1 yellow ribbon from the Ocean County Fair to prove it!
Granted my wins were a long time ago, but …
A Children’s Musical Is Coming To Ocean County
Parents are always looking for quality entertainment for their children and this musical coming to Toms River is just that. Ocean County College has announced that the children's musical "Chicken Dance" is coming to the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts on Sunday, April…