Watch Robert Downey Jr Walk Out On An Inteview [Video]
The hot seat got a little too hot for megastar Robert Downey, Jr this week, when Britain's Channel 4 News was interviewing him as part of an "Avengers" press tour. When the interviewer started prodding into Downey's personal life, the star got visibly uncomfortable, and finally got up and …
Dancing With The..Stars?
It's hard to believe we're going on the 20th season of Dancing With The Stars.  Do you remember when it first aired?  ABC took a risk, unsure if audiences would embrace a show focused on ballroom dancing.  The risk obviously paid off and millions of people enjoy seeing amazi…
Have You Ever Sent a Fan Letter?
I recently had a cool experience. I wrote a fan letter to a voiceover artist whose work I've really admired. It's someone who, if you heard their voice, you'd definitely recognize it. He's a voiceover artist who has done a lot of very high profile work. I didn't necessarily …
What Celebrity Would You Like to Hang Out With?
Taylor Swift did something really cool this week - she hung out with her biggest fans. But I don't mean that they got backstage for a meet & greet, she literally invited 90 of her biggest fans over to her New York City apartment to hang out for a pizza party. Seriously.

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