Yes, That is a Shark Cat Riding a Roomba [Video]
We all know that cats can be, let's say, idiosyncratic. Have you ever tried putting a cat into a costume? Most won't go for that easily. And turn on the vacuum? Forget about it, fluffy is most likely hiding under something. All of which makes this video even more hilariously bizarre.
Two For Your Loving
Every week we do it, Pet of the Week.  There is always a beautiful dog or cat as part of our Pet of the Week waiting for a forever home.
The Difference Between Cats and Dogs [Videos]
A video of a dog being reunited with his owner, who was away with the military for 6 months, has rightfully gone viral in the last week or so. The pup absolutely loses his mind, howls, and climbs up into his owner's lap. So we wondered how a cat would react. Thankfully, YouTube has the answer..…

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