Magic Tricks on Dogs
Check out this video with magic tricks done on dogs.  Do you think that the dogs know what's going on?  Dogs and Cats and all animals are incredibly smart.
What’s Your Cat Name
Whenever I see these fun little games on Facebook I always try to share in my blog with you.  I believe it's from a cat litter company that brings us this fun.
Watch – This Poor Pup Just Wants a Play Pal [Video]
All this poor pup wants is a friend to play with. But, clearly, the kitten wants nothing to do with any hijinks. The little fella tries everything from bowing down to rolling around and even howling a plea to play. The cat just looks on, sometimes with ears pulled back, in perplexed ambiguity. Watch…
It’s Love Your Pet Week
Now I know that's crazy...everyday and every week and every second we love our pets.  I know when it comes to our dogs..I'm totally in love with them.  But sometimes we all get a little busy and maybe not pet them as much as we should in a day..well this week is all about all the attention you can …
This Kitten Video is Guaranteed to Make You Smile
We should all make a point to have a genuine smile at least once a day. And today, we want to help you with that - with kittens. Kittens with dogs, ducklings, bunnies, even a hedgehog. It's over a minute of adorable to finish your day with a smile on your face. Enjoy!
Animal Lovers Rejoice
Animal lovers make better people according to a recent study at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

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