Watch – This Cat Is Better Than You At Jenga [Video]
Jenga is one of those quintessential party games that we've all wanted to throw out the window. Everyone takes their turn, nearly toppling the tower and barely escaping disaster when your turn rolls around. And, of course, 20 tense seconds later you end up being the one picking up wooden blocks that…
Here Are Some Fun Facts You Might Not Know
I love interesting facts..check these out.  You know those interesting facts that you might never have thought of..but you might have wondered about.  It's Interesting Facts week on "The Ocean County Breakfast Show".
Magic Tricks on Dogs
Check out this video with magic tricks done on dogs.  Do you think that the dogs know what's going on?  Dogs and Cats and all animals are incredibly smart.
What’s Your Cat Name
Whenever I see these fun little games on Facebook I always try to share in my blog with you.  I believe it's from a cat litter company that brings us this fun.
Watch – This Poor Pup Just Wants a Play Pal [Video]
All this poor pup wants is a friend to play with. But, clearly, the kitten wants nothing to do with any hijinks. The little fella tries everything from bowing down to rolling around and even howling a plea to play. The cat just looks on, sometimes with ears pulled back, in perplexed ambiguity. Watch…

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