Watch This NJ Bad Parking Revenge [Video]
I'm sure we've all seen those bad parkers - people who take up multiple spots, park in the middle of a lot, or park cockeyed and can't be bothered to straighten out. Well a college student in NJ decided to get back at a bad parker. Check out the video to see the driver's reaction…
See What State Has The Worst Drivers
The timing of this story is perfect. On the heels of my article earlier this week about the horrible behavior that I saw some drivers exhibiting a few days ago, comes this poll about what states have the worst drivers. And, surprise, New Jersey isn't number one. But we're way up there. Rea…
All Wheels Are New Again for Needy Families
About 80 Ocean County residents without wheels to work can expect to see improvements in their transportation situation this year, thanks to the county's Auto Ownership Program and St. Fancis Community Center on Long Beach Island. The two are partners in auto-related aid to low income individua…
Would You Stop if You Saw an Accident?
Looking at the question in the headline, I don't think that the answer is necessarily cut and dry. If you happened to witness an accident (but weren't involved), there are valid reasons for both stopping and not stopping.
Show Us Your Car Decorations
When thinking of what I'm going to write about each day, there are a couple of ways that ideas come up - I have a notepad that I keep brainstorming ideas on, things happen locally that need coverage, and sometimes inspiration just strikes. That car above inspired me today.
Watch – Does a Ghost Car Cause This Accident? [Video]
First of all, this is the internet, so we have to take everything that we see with a grain of salt. These days, just about anyone can download basic photo and video editing software. But, that being said, this is a weird video. It appears that a "ghost car" literally appears out of nowhere…

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