Do You Use Car Backup Cameras?
Vehicles these days have more safety, technology, and convenience features than ever. Among them - most new cars and trucks have backup cameras. But I find the backup camera to be a little awkward.
Don’t Be This Winter Driver [Photo]
Yesterday's snow storm wasn't fun for anyone - well, maybe for the kids who got the day off of school and got to play in the snow. But for those of us who were digging out last night and today, it wasn't the way most of us would choose to spend our time. However, it's a hassle th…
Here’s A Unique Way To Clear Snow Off Your Car [Video]
Yesterday, I shared a really practical, simple way to get ice off of your windshield. Today, we have another interesting method to remove winter weather from your vehicle, but this one is decidedly more, let's say, "creative". Take a look at how this person brings a sheet of s…

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