It’s National Pet Day! Tell Us About Your Furry Family Members
Today (4/11) is National Pet Day! According to National Today ...... Here's the breakdown on Pets (Based on a survey of 1,000 Pet Owners)
America's 5 most-owned pets are:
#1: Dog (45%)
#2: Cat (30%)
#3: Fish (9%)
#4: Bird (5%)
#5: Hamster (2%)
11% hang ou…
Are You a Bird Watcher?
If you asked me a few years ago would I be out on a cold December morning chasing birds to take the photos I'd probably have said .....NO! However after slowly getting into "bird watching" I love it and enjoy spending time hiking and looking for our feathered friends. I t...
Shawn Michaels Search For the Snowy Owl [VIDEO]
Spotting a snowy owl is rare in New Jersey. Snowy Owls spend most of their lives in the Arctic and rarely fly this far south.
I have been hearing and seeing a lot about the elusive "snowy owl" and how a few have decided to pay the Jersey Shore a visit .... so I ...
Update: Reward Offered in Ocean County
Here's an update to our story this week: Officials at the Associated Humane Society Popcorn Park Shelter are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in this case that left 3 birds dead and one injured as officials seek to find the guilty p…
Signs Of Spring In Ocean County
Did you see what I saw this weekend?  Little buds on the magnolia in the backyard?  Crocuses poking their green leaves out of the ground?  I loved seeing these signs of spring because it tells me we won't have to deal with the cold much longer...

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