Beach closure & advisory update
At ocean beaches monitored by the Ocean County Health Department, it's "come on in, the water's fine." But bacteria levels keep closures in place at two lake beaches in the county. Swim advisories continue at seven Ocean County river- and bay-front beaches.
Ocean County beach advisory update
In the time remaining before heavy rains arrive tonight and Friday, here is the list of closures and swim advisories pertaining to beaches monitored by the Ocean County Health Department.
Ocean County swim advisory update
Excessive bacteria in the lake in Ocean County Park in Lakewood leads to the decision to close it for swimming by Ocean County health officials, who are keeping swim advisories in effect at several ocean, bay, river and creek spots.
The Results Are In, This Is Jersey’s Favorite Beach
One of the most iconic things, I would say on the East Coast, is the Jersey Shore. While it was plagued for a very long time by misinformed media when a popular television show came to town and messed with our image, the Jersey Shore remains a popular destination for tourists - or bennies...

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