Stacks Of Rocks On Jersey Beaches: Serene or Annoying?
As I was walking along the beach this weekend I was struck by the number of rock towers I saw.  They were just stones stacked one on top of the other yet I found them interesting and kind of beautiful, so I took some photos.  I figure they must serve some spiritual purpose so I sat myself …
What’s Your Favorite Boardwalk Food?
Broadcasting every Friday from our Seaside Park studio is great. Not only does it get me out of the office once a week for a change of pace, but spending a workday at the beach really can't be beat.
But there is one dangerous part of it - the siren call of boardwalk food.
What Are Your Beach Must Haves?
Earlier this summer I asked what your BBQ must haves are. The focus that time was food, but this time let's talk about what you make sure to pack the car with when you head to the beach.
Tips Before You Head To The Beach This Weekend
Living at the Jersey Shore, everyone here is pretty beach-savvy.  But it's never too late to learn a thing or two.  I happened upon a Facebook video that has me excitedly planning for my next trip to he beach.  I'm going to go with ziploc bags, a cork, and a baby diaper...
The Relief Is At The Beach Today!
It's been a brutally hot and humid week here at the Jersey Shore, and a lot of people are looking for some relief from the stifling heat and muggy air. Well, I have good news for you - the beach is the place to be today!
Ocean County Beach Reads
Do you seem to get a lot more reading done at this time of year?  There's something so nice about sitting on the deck or on the beach with a book.  Do you have a stack of books ready to go into your suitcase or beachbag?  Or have you converted to an e-reader...
92.7 WOBM is Back at the Beach [PHOTOS]
Shawn and Sue are back at the beach, spending Friday mornings at the Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio!  Stop by between 5 and 10AM every Friday this summer and say 'hi'!
There will be sunrise yoga and chances to win cool prizes too!
Check out our Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio:
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