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Ocean County Beach Badge Guide 2018 [LIST]
Summer is almost here ... Here is the Ocean County Beach Badge Guide 2018 .... Get the latest prices for the upcoming season and see where you can save by getting your badges before the season starts. Of course don't forget to talk 92.7 WOBM along with you when your out and about at the Jersye …
UPDATED: Ocean County Beach Badge Guide 2017
Before you know it, it will be time to start heading out to area beaches and enjoying our beautiful Jersey Shore once again. There are still savings available on your seasonal beach badges, but time is running out - check your town and save...
Some NJ Beaches Will Allow Smartphone Beach Badge Purchases
With Memorial Day Weekend only three weeks away(!), a lot of us are getting ready to don our beach badges to enjoy the Jersey Shore. This year, a local company has teamed up with a handful of beach towns to let you skip the lines, bypass the cash, and buy your beach badges right on your phone.

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